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How to perform an unattended Ignision install

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2016 12:03PM PST
The Ignision installer can be installed without using the GUI by running the installer script directly as root.  The “” installer script is located in the “” folder in the .dmg file.  So, for example, if the .dmg is mounted on “/Volumes/Ignision Standard Edition” then the full path to the installer script is:

"/Volumes/Ignision Standard Edition/"

The installer script ( accepts five command line arguments:

$ <offline.tbz2> <license_file> <md5_hash> <offline.json> <>

“offline.tbz2”, “offline.json”, and “” are also located in the “” folder.  “<md5_hash>” can be either “0”, which skips the integrity check, or it can be the MD5 hash of “offline.tbz2”, e.g. “$(md5 -q offline.tbz2)”.  “<license_file>” is the path to the Aqua Connect supplied license file (*.aquaconnect).  Send an e-mail to Aqua Connect support to obtain this file.

WARNING: “” will delete the arguments (files) passed to it so you must shadow them in a temporary directory!  The arguments that will be deleted are: <offline.tbz2>, <license_file>, <offline.json>, and <>.

A working example of invoking “” from the bash command line (terminal):

  • This example assumes that “Ignision_Standard_Edition.dmg” was opened by finder and it mounted at “/Volumes/Ignision Standard Edition”.
  • This example assumes that your Ignision license file is located at “${HOME}/Downloads/ignision_license.aquaconnect”.
  • Each line begins with "$" to denote a bash terminal prompt.
$ sudo [ -d "/tmp/ignision_installer" ] && sudo rm -rf "/tmp/ignision_installer"
$ sudo mkdir -p "/tmp/ignision_installer"
$ sudo cp /Volumes/Ignision\ Standard\ Edition/{offline.json,offline.tbz2,} "${HOME}/Downloads/ignision_license.aquaconnect" "/tmp/ignision_installer/"
$ sudo /Volumes/Ignision\ Standard\ Edition/ /tmp/ignision_installer/offline.tbz2 /tmp/ignision_installer/ignision_license.aquaconnect $(md5 -q /tmp/ignision_installer/offline.tbz2) /tmp/ignision_installer/offline.json /tmp/ignision_installer/
$ sudo [ -d "/tmp/ignision_installer" ] && sudo rm -rf "/tmp/ignision_installer"

Please ignore the following benign messages, if you receive them:
No license data to store.
Corrupt license data.
License is expired.

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